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Transform your website with Xada's promotional and branded products management software

Xada is the segway for the promotional products industry to make online ordering a reality


The source of industry promo data

Xada software has been purposely developed for the Australian Promotional Products industry to enable distributors to manage supplier data feeds now available via APPA's Promodata API.


Update thousands of promo products in seconds

Xada streamlines the process of managing supplier product data. The powerful cloud-based software has been developed to make the process of publishing promotional and branded products easy.

Automatically synchronise your website with selected supplier product data via API or CSV data feeds. Enhancing your clients browsing experience with selectable options and capability to quote at a new level.

Backend Integration

Easy access to suppliers promotional product data with Xada





Take control of your product publishing

  • Easy keyword search facility to browse thousands of products, view options, available images and pricing

  • Keep track of new and discontinued products

  • Assign products to preferred categories and publish to your website in seconds

Website integration

  • Use Xada software to replace many backend product and pricing management tasks

  • Our team provide all the support to integrate the available supplier data to enhance your customers browsing or quoting experience

Flexible, simple, easy to use

Update one or thousands of promo products in seconds


Easy to use

Simply browse suppliers and activate products for online publishing, choosing your preferred display options


Extremely flexible

Xada is packed with functionality to personalise product information and provide your visitors with a unique and consistent browsing experience


Saves time

It's time to say goodbye to repetitive admin tasks and automatically apply product updates and publishing preferences

Cloud-based software

Streamline your online product publishing routine

Advanced rules based automation

Xada features a powerful rules automation engine to apply a wide range of updates, including category assignment, make discontinued products hidden, apply pricing mark up and set RRPs.

Product data formatting efficiency

It's simple to configure and standardize product decoration options to support consistent formatting across your website. Xada can enhance browsing and quoting experience via a range of unique features to drive your B2B eCommerce strategy.

Your Xada Dashboard

Increase your quoting efficiency


Empower your customers

According to Gartner group by 2025 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur via digital channels. Is your website ready to support your customer expectations?

Enhancing website functionality

  • Enabling customers to obtain an online quote can help save both you and your client time

  • Accessibility to supplier data feeds like APPA's Promodata can enable your website to play a greater role in your business and increase quoting efficiency

Xada makes it easy.
Here's 8 reasons why …

Update in seconds

Update in seconds

Browse & update thousands of promo products in seconds

Easy access

Easy access

Access and review latest products, prices & suppliers

Total control of categorisation

Total control

Create your own categories or use the supplier's information

Easily configurable to import products from multiple sources


Import products from Promodata, CSV or supplier API

Custom decoration options

Custom decoration

Reformat decoration naming and apply size options

Automate markup and quantity limits

Fully automated

Automate mark-up pricing & quantity breaks

Modify descriptions remove unwanted details


Modify descriptions & remove unwanted details

Customise data fields and product details

Personalised data

Add new data fields and personalise product details

Suppliers connected to Xada



Products available on the Xada platform



Images available on the Xada platform



Data limit



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