Powerful PIM software to unleash your website's potential

Unify your product data and transform your website with Xada.


Update thousands of products in seconds

Xada streamlines the process of managing supplier product data. The powerful cloud-based software has been developed to make the process of publishing products easy.

Automatically synchronise your website with your supplier's product data via API or CSV data feeds. Enhance your client's browsing experience with selectable options and capability to quote at a new level.

The leading software for Promodata

Xada is the top integration solution embraced by the Australian Promotional Products industry that empowers distributors to easily handle supplier data feeds from APPA's Promodata API. Unlock the potential of seamless data management with Xada.


Flexible, simple, easy to use


User Friendly

Simply browse through your suppliers, activate products for online publishing, and customise your preferences, including options, variants, images, and colours.



Packed with features to take control of your product information and transform your website with the rich functionality in Xada.


Time Saving

Bid farewell to repetitive admin tasks and harness the power of Xada's rule-based automation for enhanced efficiency.

Backend Integration

Effortlessly feed products into your business operations and marketing channels





Take control of your product publishing

Sync your product content direct with your storefront, eliminating manual data management and publishing of brands, attributes, variants, images, pricing and much more with ease.

  • Easy keyword searching to browse thousands of products, view options, images and pricing

  • Keep track of new and discontinued products

Scalable and customisable solution

Integrate Xada with your current business systems and processes to enhance efficiency immediately. Xada is designed to adapt, ensuring seamless growth in the future.

Cloud-based software

Unleash the power of Xada for your business

Unify your product information

Control your essential product information in a single, streamlined hub. From SKUs and brands to product names, descriptions, labels, variations, attributes, technical specifications, and more, effortlessly manage every detail. Link digital assets, sales information, spec sheets, and shipping details — all in one place. Elevate your product management experience with comprehensive control and efficiency

Handle complex product options

Master the intricacies of product options with Xada software. Easily create and edit complex variations, taking control of pricing tiers, options, variants, colours and sizes. Empower your customers with a smooth experience while boosting your operational efficiency.

Your Xada Dashboard

Supercharge your data with optimisation and enhancements

Efficiently handle product attributes on a grand scale, creating a richer storefront search and user filtering experience. From colour group searching to enhancing product features, tailor it all to meet the unique needs of your market.

Boost your quoting efficiency


Empower your customers for the future

According to Gartner Group, by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will take place through digital channels.

Is your website geared up to exceed your customer's expectations?

Optimise your website's potential

Equip your customers with the ability to obtain an online quote, saving valuable time for both you and your clients.

Unlock the potential of supplier data feeds to elevate your website's impact on your business. Boost quoting efficiency and streamline operations with seamless accessibility to supplier information.

Branded Client Portals


Unlimited personalised portals for your clients

Unlock endless possibilities with personalised portals tailored to each of your clients within your website. Offer your customers exclusive access to their own customised portal upon login, showcasing a curated selection of products and categories that you've handpicked for them.

Tailored Pricing and Discounts

Easily apply unique price discounts to individual client portals, whether it's across the entire store or specific categories and products. This flexibility ensures that each client receives personalised pricing that aligns with their needs.

Customised Experience

Grant your clients with password-protected entry to their branded portal, complete with selected collections tailored to their preferences. Customise many aspects of their experience, from the portal's colour scheme and logo to marketing content and branding, delivering a familiar and seamless experience.

Easy Deployment

Streamline the process of deploying and configuring branded storefronts, regardless of scale, with our intuitive interface. Benefit from centralised order and advanced quote management through BigCommerce's single order management facility, simplifying operations and enhancing your efficiency.


Streamline your product publishing routine

Transform your data effortlessly with automated rules

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and swiftly transform your information on a large scale in seconds. Streamline operations by assigning categories, hiding discontinued products, applying pricing mark-ups, and configuring decoration options all in bulk.

Accelerate time to market

Optimise your workflow and minimise the time spent updating or inputting product information across your business systems. Streamline product onboarding and easily share information across multiple sales channels.

Your Xada Dashboard

Tailor your catalogue structure

Create, customise and assign products to one or multiple categories in bulk through Xada's unique preview function. Ensure optimal alignment with your market requirements.

Xada makes it easy.
Here's 8 reasons why …

Update in seconds

Update in seconds

Browse & update thousands of promo products in seconds

Easy access

Easy access

Access and review latest products, prices & suppliers

Total control of categorisation

Total control

Use supplier categories or structure your own categories to align with your unique business objectives

Easily configurable to import products from multiple sources


Import products from CSVs and supplier APIs

Custom decoration options

Custom options

Activate available supplier options or add your preferred options

Automate markup and quantity limits

Fully automated

Automate mark-up pricing & quantity breaks

Modify descriptions remove unwanted details


Modify options, variants and attributes to enhance product information

Customise data fields and product details

Product option templates

Create unique option templates and apply them in bulk through Xada's intuitive rules management.

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